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Quick Benefits:

  • Highly perfumed thickened bleach with added detergent.
  • The thickened formulation extends the contact time for superior cleaning & disinfecting.
  • Will help to maintain & keep toilets, sinks & drains clear of bad odours, waste matter & bacteria.
  • Suitable for a variety of applications including wiping down washable hard surfaces, soaking cloths & mops & also for cleaning grout in kitchens & washrooms.
  • Supplied in an angled neck bottle for use under the toilet rim or in a 5 litre bottle for extra economy.


How To Use:

SINKS, TOILETS & DRAINS: Use undiluted. To disinfect, remove stains & alleviate malodours.

GENERAL CLEANING & DISINFECTING:Dilute upto 1:125 parts water. (40ml per 5lt) Wipe surface & rinse with clean water.

SOAKING MOPS & CLOTHS: Dilute up to 1:250 parts water (20ml per 5lt). Soak for 30 minutes & rinse with clean water.

Please take care when handling this product to avoid spillages on skin & clothes. Do not use on silk, wool, coloured materials, leather or garments with a special finish.


Detailed Information:

Appearance: Viscous liquid

Colour: Clear yellow/green

Odour: Characteristic

pH – undiluted: 12.7

Biodegradability: Contains a blend of sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, viscosity stabilisers, anionic surfactant & perfume.

Quality Assurance: This product is manufactured in the U.K. Under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System Cert. No. FM 09535 and an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Cert. No. EMS 506072 registered by the British Standards Institution. 

Safety data sheet


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