HypaCover Non-Woven Adhesive Dressings

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HypaCover Adhesive Dressings cushion and protect the injured area and are ideal for use on large cuts and grazes. The dressing moulds around body contours and stays firmly in place even on awkward areas, making these adhesive dressings a versatile solution when you need to provide workplace first aid. The highly absorbent wound pad is covered with a non-adherent film to prevent breakage and also reduce any potential trauma when the adhesive dressing is removed, the non-woven design of the dressing even helping to reduce healing time. HypaCover Adhesive Dressings further help to provide outstanding patient comfort and are ideal for wounds in sensitive or difficult to cover areas such as the neck, elbow or hip. All dressings are individually wrapped and sterile, so you can rest assured that you can use them for any injury without risk of secondary infection.

  • Enhance healing time
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive
  • Highly absorbent wound pad is covered with a non-adherent film to prevent strike through and reduce trauma when dressing is removed
  • Individually wrapped and sterile
  • Non-woven construction
  • Excellent conformability to awkward areas, ideal for wounds to the neck, elbow or hip


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