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Quick Benefits:

  • Vitreous enamel association tested and approved.
  • Superfine chalks reduce risk of scratching.


How to use:

Product Uses: For rapid cleaning and polishing of all stainless steel, chrome, aluminium, laminates and enamel.

Directions: Apply lightly onto surfaces to be cleaned. Buff to a shine with a clean cloth. May be applied onto a cloth if desired. Do not over apply.


Detailed Information:

Appearance: Viscous Cream

Colour: Chalk

Viscosity: 7000cps

Density: 1.387

pH: 10.5

Fragrance: Light Lemon

Stability: 2 Years stored in unopened containers at ambient temperatures.

Composition: An aqueous blend of nonionic and anionic surfactants, alkaline builders a mild abrasive, dye and perfume.

Biodegradability: All surfactants used in Hygenol products comply with the current European Regulations concerning biodegradability and protection of the environment.

Quality Assurance: This product is manufactured in the U.K. Under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System Cert. No. FM 09535 and an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Cert. No. EMS 506072 registered by the British Standards Institution.


Safety data sheet


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