Chemical Spill Kit 1000

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Our Drizit Chemical Spill Kit 1000 is designed to deal with hazardous chemical spills that may occur on site and s the ideal basis for environmental management systems. Use:

hoses blowing during delivery
tank overfills
tank roll overs
catastrophic incidence caused by vandalism or accident.
this large kit can deal with anything.
Container: Large, heavy duty 1000 litre container that is UV stabilised, water tight and lockable. Optional heavy duty wheels.

Spill kit contents

200 chemical absorbent pads
2 chemical absorbent mini rolls
10 chemical absorbent socks
4 large chemical absorbent socks
2 chemical absorbent booms
2 large chemical absorbent booms
10 chemical absorbent cushions
1 Dammit® mat
10 disposal bags and ties
2 stakes
800g Dammit® ready mix
2 personal safety kits


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